Surpass your own limitations and
create the lifestyle of your dreams.

Surpass your own limitations and
create the lifestyle of your dreams.

What Makes Just Believe Masterclass the BEST
Success-Mindset Program?

Youll gain clarity.

Rather than teaching you what to think, Just Believe Masterclass teaches you HOW to think, giving you the ability to tap into your personal strengths, desires, goals, and purpose with CONFIDENCE. Through reflection techniques and one-of-a-kind exercises, you’ll gain the clarity you need to see that next opportunity or make that next decision.

How Just Believe Masterclass Works
01 | Learn at your own pace
The entire Just Believe Masterclass Curriculum is delivered upon completion of your registration, so you get to decide when and how fast you learn.
02 | Learn according to your own learning style:

This program is delivered via audio download, written transcript and PDF supplemental one-of-a-kind worksheets and exercises.

03 | Refer back any time
All materials are yours to keep. Download the materials to your computer or mobile device and continue to use the course as a trusted resource whenever you need it.
How Just Believe Masterclass Works
01 | Learn at your own pace
The entire Just Believe Masterclass Curriculum is delivered upon completion of your registration, so you get to decide when and how fast you learn.
02 | Learn according to your own learning style:

This program is delivered via audio download, written transcript and PDF supplemental one-of-a-kind worksheets and exercises.

(PLUS: You get one-one-one access to a highly trained Masterclass Coach when you need it to get your individual and personal questions answered!)

03 | Refer back any time
All materials are yours to keep. Download the materials to your computer or mobile device and continue to use the course as a trusted resource whenever you need it.


Just Believe Masterclass consists of 11 core modules that include 52 individual audio lessons, an extensive interview series with David in which he shares his own experiences and gives real world application of the principles he teaches and one-of-a-kind exercises and activities to help you get the results you are seeking fast.

Foundational Principles of Accurate Thinking- Part 1
Building the Foundational Beliefs of Success
How The Mind Works
The 3 Human Needs
Creating a Winning Self Image
How Beliefs Affect Your Self-Image
Foundational Principles of Accurate Thinking- Part 2
Goal Setting and The Creative Process
The Levels of Awareness
The Terror Barrier
Desire Is The 1st Indication of Manifestation
Everything Is Created As A Whole
Foundational Principles of Accurate Thinking- Part 3
The Discipline of Raising Your Standard – Part 1
The Discipline of Raising Your Standard – Part 2
Entering into the Spirit of It – Part 1
Entering into the Spirit of It – Part 2
Essential Teachings from The Science of Getting Rich
The 1st Principle of the Science of Getting Rich
The Impression of Increase
The Power of Gratitude
The Law of Forgiveness
The Spirit of Beauty and Opulence
The Champion’s Mentality
There are No Shortcuts
Turn Weakness into Strength
Build a Bigger Heart
Tap into the Pain to Make the Gain!
Try One More Time
Understanding Greatness
Going from Good to Great – Part 1
Going from Good to Great – Part 2
Going from Good to Great – Part 3
Going from Good to Great – Part 4
Going from Good to Great – Part 5
Changing the Authority of Your Mind
The Quiet Answer
The Savior’s Vision
The Awakening: The Closing of the Gap
Release from Fear
Fear and Conflict
Living Your Greatness
The Decision to Be Great
Setting High Expectations
The Common Denominator of Success
The Principle of Guidance
The Roles We Choose out of Negative Love – Part 1
The Roles We Choose out of Negative Love – Part 2
Freedom and Romance – Part 1
Freedom and Romance – Part 2

The Laws of the Universe

The law of thinking
The law of supply
The law of manifestation
The law of receiving
The law of compensation

The Laws of the Universe Part 2

Working with the law
The law of increase
The law of non-resistance
The law of success
The Inspiration
for just believe masterclass

What really inspired me to create the Just Believe Masterclass concept is my belief that all the problems we experience in the world come from a misunderstanding, or some kind of twisted understanding of what people think is Truth. I’ve spent years, over 20 to be exact, helping people in all areas of life and in all areas of business achieve success. I’ve come to realize that success means different things to different people, but at the core of EVERY issue, problem or dysfunction is a misunderstanding of some kind.

My own search for understanding began in my 20’s when I had a near death experience. That was a turning point in my life, and propelled me to learn, grow and to ask different questions.

Just Believe Masterclass is a culmination of all those years of study, experience, and quite honestly, the hard lessons I learned along the way.
I often get asked what I believe my purpose is, and the answer is: my purpose is to be a teacher. 

People ask me if I’m a motivational speaker and the answer is: No. I think that I inspire but I really am a bringer of truth — a truth teacher — in the world.

In Just Believe Masterclass, you’ll study everything that is in the human potential and what it takes to grow and actually be the fully expressed version of yourself so that you can really live every area of your life in complete abundance and freedom.

My goal for Just Believe Masterclass is that you really find the inspiration and understanding you need to make the changes you want for your own life so that you can live the life you want to live, with ease and elegance.

student testimonials
“Before Just Believe Masterclass, guilt and shame ruled my life. Those feelings kept me from turning my solo energy healing practice into the thriving holistic center I’ve long dreamed of. The more I study the Universal Laws in Just Believe Masterclass, the more I find courage to take action. I’m naturally more committed to my work and forgiving of my missteps. As a result, I have grown my solo practice to employ 2 more practitioners and a marketing manager, who all fully support Zenqulity’s growing community of clients. It gets better and better everyday!”

Christina Ammerman
Director & Master Energy Healer

“Just Believe Masterclass has been for me the tool to help raise my awareness. I keep listening to the audios every time I can, which has helped me to understand better every concept that David explains.

As a result of this I have been able to increase my income. After just a few months I doubled it! I feel much more confident, I don’t care what other people think or say about me anymore. My clients are having a powerful transformation in their income as well.

David is a great teacher and it is a privilege to be learning from him. The best of all is, this is just the beginning. Thanks so much for this incredible gift, my life is in continuous growth thanks to these teachings.”

Isabel Mancias

“Education, talent, effort, and luck wasn’t “enough” and that frustrated me.

I first learned about David and his team at a point in my life when I was in serious need of understanding what was happening and where things went wrong in life. I thought I was doing the right things but my results were showing the opposite. I felt lost because I was not supposed to be starting from scratch and barely getting by after feeling like I finished school, did the hard work, and took the risks necessary to succeed.

David’s words clicked with my confusion right away and I began to see things a little clearer and that gave me hope again.

The Just Believe Masterclass gave me small changes that have effected every part of my life. All those small changes compounded into growth in my life that I wasn’t sure I would ever find. Now I do business that I love in several areas. I didn’t know my relationships could be this good, and my health goals are now daily and weekly habits.
With Gratitude!”

Nicholas Gerhinger

“I met David through a client who was working with him at the time. After that time together, I knew I wanted to work with him full time. It didn’t happen for some time, but when the chance came up, I jumped on it.

Working with David in the Just Believe Masterclass has been life changing for me in so many ways, both personally and professionally. My mindset has changed for the better. My belief in myself and “the process” has grown tremendously giving me the courage and desire to step out of my comfort zone and do what needs to be done to change my life for the better. I’ve made many personal changes that reflect in my business and vice versa. I am learning new ways to look at life and business that allow me to be patient with myself and the process so that things flow easily and smoothly. My accountability coach, Liz, has been a true life saver. I had some really big bumps along the way and her advice and support got me through it and kept me “sane” through it all. It’s been an amazing experience in every way and I highly recommend David, his team and this program to anyone who wants to have a better life, personally and professionally!”

Sophie Zollmann
Certified Social Media & Online Business Manager>

“Just Believe Masterclass is one of the best things I have done for my self-growth.

David Neagle has a unique perspective and understanding of the laws of the Universe and how to apply them to your life that has helped me in every part of my life from my relationship to my business. Having the audios of David allow me to listen to him when it works for my schedule, and the homework assignments and transcripts of the classes gives me multiple ways to take in what he is teaching.

But what makes the program invaluable is having the ability to Coach with Liz. Being able to ask her questions on the lessons and laws, and how to apply it to my specific issues and challenges has accelerated my ability to apply what I have learned in my life.”

Deepa Liu

“I’ve spent lots of money on trainings and coaches over the years, but what I have learned and received from the Just Believe program surpasses them all. Liz is, by and far, the best coach I have ever had and her in-depth knowledge of the Universal Laws has helped me to apply these principles to my life and business much more easily, and with great results.

It always seems like David has designed each month’s coaching content just for me, and as a Spiritual Coach myself, I love how he seamlessly blends spiritual truth and making money. As I have grown in my own awareness of abundance, I have been able to more fully support my own clients in achieving their heart’s desires.

This program is worth so much more than the tuition, and has been the best investment I have made thus far, for myself and my business.”

Rev. Frances Fayden

“Before I started the Just Believe Masterclass program and working with Liz, as my advisor, I was still struggling to reclaim the confidence I needed to make choices based on my true desires.

My faith kept wavering and I was finding it difficult to pinpoint and release the specific limiting beliefs that were holding me back.

Since studying David’s program materials and getting the coaching I needed from Liz my confidence has increased significantly. I’m attracting the most amazing clients at higher fees and I’m feeling so much more fulfilled.

I have no doubt that my business will soar to a whole new level this year as a result of participating in this program.”

Desiree Stafford

“Just Believe Masterclass has changed my life, literally.

Studying with David Neagle for the past year and being supported by his team of high-level coaches has empowered me to make a major life decision: quit my cushy 6-figure corporate job, move to Mexico and step up my business game. The personal transformation I have experienced in this program is extraordinary. I’ve become clear on my purpose and have a new renewed belief in my abilities to help others. I’ve learned to think bigger, to not ever settle for less again, to demand more of myself and in turn have gained a new level of self-worth and self-confidence which have proven to be tremendous assets in my business.

If you do the work and take advantage of all the resources JBMC offers, you will succeed.”

Simona Ksoll
Brand Marketing Strategist & Business Mentor

And let me just say something…

take a look at the people who are successful…
the people you compare yourself to or the people you admire.

Those people didn’t start out that way. The one common denominator between all successful people is that they learned how to think.
They aren’t successful because of a marketing strategy, luck, or an insider tip or secret. They are successful because they worked on who they needed to be, what beliefs they had to walk away from, and they made clear confident decisions.
I 100% guarantee that this program will cause you to think about your life (and your own behaviors) unlike you ever have before.

I 100% guarantee it will lead you to gain awareness, to grow as a human being, and to break old agreements (rules) you had made with yourself long ago, but which no longer serve you. I 100% guarantee that you will become remarkably more aware of where you’re choosing lack over abundance in your life, and make enormous progress at shifting your old limiting money stories, into new beliefs around money that will allow you to receive & use money more freely.

All that being said: I also 100% expect that at some point during this process of personal growth, you may disagree with me & my teachings. If this occurs: My request to you is that you reach out to me and my Team for help via email at, so that we may address your questions personally. And if you still disagree, and it’s within 60 days of purchase, my team will promptly refund your purchase in full, and you can still keep every piece of this program.

So, no matter which way you slice it:

There is

Enroll Now 100% Risk Free

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